Sunday, April 30, 2017

Sunday, April 30, 2017 – Sacrament Meeting, Elder Aina -The Lord’s Prayer, District Meeting

The theme of this morning’s Sacrament Meeting was “Prayer.” Each of the speakers gave exceptionally good talks all on prayer. They told stories that illustrated the power of prayer and quoted General Authorities. I particularly liked Sis. Mary Jane Sims statements when she said: “Get on your knees and ask what you need to do. Then get on your feet and do what you were told to do.” 
The meeting’s theme was punctuated by a musical solo between the speakers. Elder Aina is a native Hawaiian and he has a beautiful and powerful voice. Before he sang his solo at the pulpit, he quoted the Lord’s Prayer in Hawaiian from memory. That would have been enough but then he sang “The Lord’s Prayer” (in English) with his rich beautiful voice. It brought tears to my eyes as it did to many others in the congregation. I wish there was a way to bottle the music and the spirit of the meeting and take it with me everywhere.
This evening we had our monthly District Meeting and dinner at the Spradlin’s home. For dinner Sis. Spradlin made enchiladas with a separate dish of less spicy enchiladas just for Sis. Johnson and I. Oh wow, they were Mmmm-Goood! Thank you Sis. Spradlin for a wonderful meal.
Tonight at our District Meeting we were introduced to the newest members of our district, Elder & Sis. Wayment. They are from Ogden Utah. They arrived in the mission a couple of weeks ago and will be a great addition to our District. Welcome Elder Glynn and Sis. Chyrrl Wayment.
Jay Wilson’s FaceBook post Sunday evening 4-30-2017:
Well tomorrow Kristin and I start a new chapter in our lives we are now business owners. We purchased Western Auto in Baker City Oregon from Charlie he has successfully run that store for 40 years. But it has come time for him to retire. We won't be called Western Auto anymore we have changed the name to Appliances and More We are really excited and a little bit scared LOL. But I'm sure we will do just fine I will still be working on the ambulance part-time so I'm not letting my paramedic skills go to waste. The best part is next week Whirlpool is flying us to Chicago for some training. But when we get back we will hit the ground running.

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