Monday, April 3, 2017

Monday, April 03, 2017 – Homer & Debbie Quist Visit, Bouquet For Sis. Johnson, Tour Carthage Jail

Today my brother and his wife, Homer and Debbie, started their tours of Old Nauvoo. They took the wagon ride and toured several of the sites. They also came by the greenhouses to take a tour of where Sis. Johnson and I do a lot of our work. Unfortunately, Sis. Johnson still doesn’t feel well enough to go to work yet. But Homer & Debbie enjoyed seeing the greenhouses, the plants & propagation room.
After work today I got a phone call from the Hy-Vee floral and pharmacy delivery driver asking directions to our address. And surprise, Sis. Johnson received a bouquet of beautiful flowers with fruit. The gift was from our dear friend Clara Naylor Annis in Mesa Arizona. What a sweet and caring friend Clara is. We love her and appreciate her thoughtfulness at this time so many of us are grieving over the sudden and tragic death of our niece Amanda Dobbins.
This afternoon we drove to the Carthage Visitor’s Center with Homer & Debbie and toured the Carthage Jail. This is one of the most important and hallowed places in all of Carthage and Nauvoo. It is a “must visit” location for anyone coming here. Each time I take the Carthage Jail tour and stand in the martyrdom room, I am moved and touched by the spirit of this sacred and hallowed place.
Before leaving we stopped for dinner at “Los Charros” Mexican food restaurant in Carthage. We had a great meal with wonderful company and good conversation. I enjoy eating at Los Charros in Carthage, unfortunately the servings are large and I always eat too much but it is Mmmm-Goood. 

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