Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Tuesday, April 04, 2017 – Aunna Marie (Posted on FaceBook at 10:30AM)
Here is the latest from the husband (Nathan) of our sweet Niece Amanda who passed away suddenly Saturday evening after suffering a ruptured uterus. She was 8 months pregnant:

This is Nate.
I want everyone to know how grateful I am for your love and support. It means a lot to know how much you all care. There has been an amazing outpouring of love for my family and I, in case I miss someone or don't get the chance to thank each of you personally. Thank you.

I also want to update everyone about AunnaMarie. I apologize that I've kinda kept everyone in the dark. I know how much you love her and I thank you again. Things have been up and down for her over the past few days. After she was delivered at Mountain Vista it took ten minutes to get her heart beating. After she was stabilized there she was air evacuated to St Joseph's in Phoenix where the care has been the very best. This time frame though when her heart was stopped means she was not getting oxygen to her most vital organs. In some areas she has been making good progress in recovering from this. She peed yesterday morning for the first time indicating that her kidneys were coming back online. Since then has gotten up to almost normal levels for a baby her size (7lbs 1.4 oz). Very good signs for her kidneys and for clearing out toxins so she can continue to heal. The biggest trouble she faces is the time her brain was without oxygen. The doctors are very worried about brain damage. Once she got to St Joe's she was immediately started onto a cooling therapy where her body is kept around 90 degrees. This is designed in part to stop brain activity and prevent any further damage while giving her time to heal and recover. The therapy lasts three days and then the warming will begin. Which is about 9:30 pm tomorrow night. As she is warmed and her brain comes back online we will begin to see the extent of any damage that has taken place. There is a MRI scheduled for Wednesday where a more clear picture will be developed of how she is doing. She is still in critical condition though and she needs all the prayers and faith in her behalf that we can muster. So I am asking all of you to pray for her because I love her so very much. Remember too that as you pray our Heavenly Father has a plan for all of us including our beautiful little AunnaMarie and that we need to trust him to know what’s best.
Tuesday, April 04, 2017 – Well enough to go to Work, Transplant Cosmos, Blowing Sidewalks, Dead Worms, Grain Silo cover is off, Rehearsal of “Sunset by the Mississippi”

Sis. Johnson woke up well enough to go to work for the first time in days. She is still very tired and week so she only worked a couple of hours. But at least the massive headache, dizziness and nausea are gone. She isn’t out of the woods yet but this is a good sign.
After transplanting with Sis. Johnson I helped Richard clean the sidewalks of the Family Living Center, Browning Gun, the Women’s Garden and the Visitor’s Center. All of these sidewalks were easy to clean but a real joy to see all of the beautiful new flowers in bloom.
Around the north side of the Visitor’s center sidewalk hundreds of earth worms were flooded out of the soil by last week’s heavy rains. They slithered out of the soggy ground and onto the sidewalk. There on the sidewalk they found no soil so they dried out and died right there. There were hundreds of worms on the sidewalk. Where’s a hungry Robin when you need one.

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