Thursday, April 13, 2017

Thursday, April 13, 2017 – Sis. Spradlin, Weeding Women’s Garden & Sidewalk Cracks, Sheldon & Cheryl Nelson, Homer’s Grapefruit, Temple

This morning we continued our weeding project. We started in the Tulip & Hyacinth bed in front of the Jonathan Browning home and gun shop. But, this morning we had help. Sis. Spradlin came and volunteered for an hour and she was a big help. She gave up some of her free time which was really nice of her. Thank you Sis. Spradlin.
Next we finished the last four flower beds in the Women’s garden we didn’t get done yesterday. Next we pulled weeds and cleaned all eight flower beds around the front of the Visitor’s Center.
Elder & Sis. Stoker have family in town and I got to meet Sis. Jolene Stoker’s sister and her husband, Sheldon & Cheryl Nelson. They are from Provo, UT. were Bro. Nelson is a “Soil Scientist” at BYU. I think we could use his expertise here at FM.
Our next project to tackle was all of the weeds growing in the cracks of the brick sidewalks in the Women’s garden. We have a special thin tool that can get between the cracks between bricks to uproot the weeds. There were a lot to pull out and there is no easy way to do it.  This project is another one of those “On your hands and knees” tasks. Add to that full sun, no breeze and 85 degrees. Not fun! But we got it done.
Tonight we had a “Cast Temple Night.” Tonight was our Cast’s last chance to attend the temple this month since we have “Sunset” rehearsal on Friday night and “Rendezvous” on Saturday night. After this Saturday the temple will be closes for its two weeks of cleaning and maintenance. The Temple will reopen May second. We had a wonderful Endowment Session with most of our “Emma Hale Cast” in attendance.

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