Thursday, April 20, 2017

Thursday, April 20, 2017 – Tulip Bulbs, FLC Cleaning & Stump Removal, Colius, FM Luncheon, Scott & Jane Higley

Yesterday was the first of many Tulip bulb digging projects. Richard reported that they had a very good turnout of volunteers and they got more done than they had expected. Richard & FM doesn’t keep the bulbs from year to year. But they do let anyone and everyone have the old bulbs that wants them.  Most of the volunteers took bags of tulip bulbs home with them. But there were still a lot of bulbs left over in our trailer this morning. We hauled them to the FM compost pile were we unloaded them. But they will never be added to the compost pile. The word spreads quickly among the town’s folks and the missionaries that free bulbs are available for the taking. In a day or two they will all be taken to good homes.
Our first project this morning was to dig up more flower beds and tulips. We were only able to do the Mission President’s home before it started to rain. Our next project was indoors, out of the rain.
In the Propagation room we transplanted seedling and plugs with the interns until the rain stopped. Next we were off to the FLC - “Family Living Center” where we had a couple of projects. Sis. Johnson weeded flowerbeds and I worked on stump
Since it had rained, the lawn mowing crews can’t go out to mow until the grass dries a little. Since they had nothing to do I snatched them up to help me dig up stumps at the FLC. Last fall all of the big bushes in front of the FLC were cut down and dug up. But several stumps were overlooked somehow; they still had to be removed. 
The area where the stumps were removed is going to be planted in decorative grasses later in the spring. The idea is to make the whole area more open and inviting instead of hidden by tall and overgrown bushes. The new grasses will stay low to enhance visibility; the old bushes were large and encroached on the sidewalks making it difficult for guest to find their way around the FLC.

We finished the stump removal just in time because it started raining again, so the rest of our day was spent in the greenhouse giving the Coleus plants a “Hair Cut.” Sis. Johnson and I have been giving these Coleus plants haircuts all winter and this will be their last time. Soon, when overnight low temperatures stay above 50 degrees, the Coleus plants can go into the flowerbeds all over Nauvoo and Carthage. 
Today we had a “Farewell Luncheon” at FM in honor of Scott Higley. He has accepted a job in Massachusetts and tomorrow will be his last day at FM. The Higleys have purchased a home and Scott and his family will be moving soon.
From the first day Sis. Johnson and I arrived on the job with FM, Scott Higley was our trainer and mentor.  He gave me our orientation and showed us the ropes at Carthage. Sis. Johnson and I served in Carthage last summer for six months.  Scott taught us everything we needed to know about the grounds and the equipment at Carthage. Whenever we needed help, had a question, or were stuck he was only a text or phone call away. And, if necessary he was in his truck at a moment’s notice to come out to Carthage to solve a problem, give a hand or teach us something new. He is a great teacher and good friend. We will miss having Scott with us as we work at FM.

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