Monday, April 17, 2017

Monday, April 17, 2017 – Interns Constance Skog & Emilie Roper, Transplanting, Mowing Carthage, Bushnell House
With the arrival of spring it means much more work for the grounds keeping staff here at FM. To help with the extra work, our boss Richard Hancock, has two new interns that started work today. They will be helping Richard on the grounds and in the greenhouses for the next six months. They were introduced this morning at our FM Prayer Meeting.
The new interns are Constance Skog, daughter of Jason Skog, FM’s HVAC Supervisor and Emilie Roper is a young lady from the state of Colorado. Today they were getting oriented and learning the ropes.  Sis. Johnson got to work with both of them transplanting Basil seedlings and watering the greenhouses. 
While Sis. Johnson was working in the greenhouse and the propagation room with the new interns; I was assigned to mow lawns at the Carthage Visitor’s Center. Last Friday we did a lot of cleanup work on the sidewalks and the grounds around the Visitor’s Center but I wasn’t able to mow because the mower needed repair. Now the mower is working perfectly and I was able finish mowing all of the lawns around the Visitor’s Center, the Jail and around the cottages for the missionaries.
I also scrubbed bird poop off of the sidewalks; there was a lot. I used the “weed eater” on all the sidewalks and fence lines and then used the handheld blower to finish everything off. I had a very good and productive day in Carthage.
There is, however, a lot more left to do. The Bushnell House, for example is a large home in Carthage two blocks from the Visitor’s Center. It is owned by the church and it has five apartments to house missionaries during the summer busy season. The grounds there are in need of care, in some places the grass at the Bushnell House is ten inches tall. Maybe I’ll get to go back tomorrow and mow.

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