Saturday, April 8, 2017

Saturday, April 8, 2017 – The Apron, Flat Stanley, Channel Catfish, Amanda & AunnaMarie’s Funeral

We had a full day for our “Preparation Day.” We started with breakfast at “The Apron” in downtown Nauvoo. Normally I don’t even eat breakfast but this morning I made a pig of myself! It was very good.
Next we took “Flat Stanley” on a whirl wind tour of several sites he’s not seen yet. At the Family Living Center he got to make rugs, Bread, dip candles and make rope. At the Wagon Ride he got acquainted with the draft horses, “Tom & Mark.” We were surprised to find Elder Tad R. Callister, General Sunday School President of the church and his family in the wagon ready to take a ride.
We took “Flat Stanley” to see the Mississippi River. “Flat Stanley” got to talk to a fisherman there who had caught two very nice size Channel Catfish. 
Next we were off to Keokuk to do our weekly shopping. On the way we saw pelicans in the air and on the water. I didn’t know there were fresh water only Pelicans. They were very graceful in the air and on the water.
This afternoon at 3:00PM Arizona time our family held the funeral services for our beloved niece, Amanda and her precious daughter AunnaMarie. This afternoon and evening we were in contact via text messages and pictures with our family. It wasn’t the same as being there but at least we were able to participate a little through the miracle of electronics. We were very close to Amanda, she was like a daughter to us and we loved her very much.

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