Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Tuesday, April 11, 2017 – Impatiens & Amaranth, Land & Records flowerbeds, Bricks for the Sidewalks, Beechers and the Pageant Office, Sunset Rehearsal

Another full day of work started in the propagation room transplanting Impatien seedlings. And while Sis. Johnson & I transplanted Impatiens; Richard was busy sowing “Amaranth” seeds in the seed trays for germination. In a week or two we’ll be transplanting Amaranth seedlings.
Next we were off to clean the flowerbeds at the “Land and Records” office. Once again the weeds are thick, especially the “Henbit.” Henbit has a pretty lavender flower but under that pretty face is a noxious weed. We spent the rest of our work day cleaning the grounds of the “Land and Records” office.
After our lunch break in the FM lunch room, Sis. Johnson pointed out that five big pallets of red bricks had been delivered. These are the same type bricks that make up much of the sidewalks all over Old Nauvoo. So, it is safe to assume that the damaged bricks in the sidewalks throughout the “Women’s Garden” will be replaced soon. I hope so, this winter has been very hard on the sidewalk bricks and there are hundreds, maybe thousands that need replacing.
Today our grounds keeping boss, Scott Higley and his crew started the long awaited project of putting in flowerbeds around the “Navuoo Pageant Office” here in Old Nauvoo.  There were no designated flowerbeds there before, just a hodgepodge of hapless plants and shrubs beside the building. The Pageant offices need to be a showplace because so many performers and visitors go there. Elder and Sis. Beecher are this year’s Pageant Coordinators and the Pageant offices are also their personal residence. I think the Beechers will love the new flowerbeds once they are prepared and planted.

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