Saturday, April 22, 2017

Saturday, April 22, 2017 – Goslings, Sis. Johnson’s Rendezvous Dress

You can tell spring in definitely here in Nauvoo. This morning on the River Road to go grocery shopping we saw a pair of geese with their new goslings.  The whole family was patiently waiting for a chance to cross the highway. I recall several times last year having traffic backed up waiting for the geese and the goslings to cross the road.
This afternoon Sis. Bowler came by our house with a new dress for Sis. Johnson. She’s lost so much weight that her old site dress didn’t fit anymore. Sis. Johnson exclaimed, “It’s nice to have a dress that fits!” Sis. Johnson will not only wear the new dress as she gives tours in the historic sites but it will also double as her performance dress in “Sunset by the Mississippi” this summer.
This evening after our performance at “Rendezvous in Old Nauvoo” I got to meet and talk to one of the 13 new Senior couples that just arrived in the mission yesterday. They are Elder & Sis. Johnson #1 and they are from San Ramon, California. In two weeks another Elder & Sis. Johnson will arrive. They will be Elder & Sis Johnson #3. That will bring the total number of couples in the mission with the last name of Johnson to 4, since there already is an Elder & Sis. Johnson #4. To keep us all straight, we have to us our number on everything.

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