Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Wednesday, April 05, 2017 – Mission Trg Mtg, Elder McCoy new Counselor, Elder & Sis. Oldroyd, Rain all day, Two Rendezvous Shows
At Mission Training meeting this morning we had a change in the Mission Presidency. Elder Trythall has been a great 1st Counselor to Pres. Hall since last summer but his services were needed with the teamsters. Since there has been a cutback of our complement of Senior Couples from Salt Lake, we are short of teamsters and Elder Trythall’s services are needed there.

Elder Trythall’s replacement is Elder McCoy. He and Sis. McCoy were Zone Leaders and have been doing a great job there. Elder McCoy will follow in Elder Trythall’s footstep and continue to help lead and guide the mission.
At our training meeting we got to sing “Welcome to Nauvoo” to a new couple that just arrived in the mission. They are Elder & Sis. Oldroyd and Elder Oldroyd is a doctor. He will be the new mission doctor taking the place of Elder Rasmussen who left last month. We are delighted to have the Oldroyds in our mission, there are so many seniors in the mission sick, we really need a doctor.
 It rained all day and Sis. Johnson and I were happy to work in the propagation room transplanting seedlings again. First we transplanted “Impatiens” all morning. Then after lunch we transplanted “Red Hot Poker” seedlings. Both of these will add a lot of color to the flowerbeds this summer.
Tonight Sis. Johnson and I performed as George & Agatha in our “Rendezvous” show. And since this is spring break, there are a lot of families visiting Old Nauvoo this week. There are so many, we had to put on two shows tonight. Two shows a night is standard all summer but not in the spring, except for spring break.
We’ve enjoyed the visit of my brother Homer and his wife Debbie from Arizona. Tonight is their last night with us and we were delighted that they got to see us perform “George & Agatha” before they left.  They said they really enjoyed the Show a lot.

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