Thursday, April 27, 2017

Thursday, April 27, 2017 – Tulip Beds at Carthage Visitor’s Center, Unloaded Greenhouses, Perennial flowerbeds at Visitor’s Center

This morning we had the big tulip pulling service project at the Carthage Visitor’s Center. We arrived early and got set up in anticipation of 12 to 15 volunteers coming out to help and they did. We had a very good turnout. 
Everyone pitched in and worked hard. We started at 9:00am and we were cleaned up, swept up, packed up and on the road by 10:30. As a reward for their service, everyone got a bag of tulip bulbs to take home if they wanted. 
Back in Nauvoo, we unloaded several tables of plants out of the greenhouses and transferred them to the outdoor tables under the shade cloth. Outdoors they can start to acclimate, get used to the cold nights and extra sunshine or wind and rain as the case may be.  Yesterday we had .38 inches of rain and the day before we had .85 inches. The forecast for Friday and Saturday is more of the same, 90% chance of rain on both days.
Our final project for the day was planting 4” potted plants in the perennial flower gardens on the north side of the Visitor’s Center and in the Women’s Garden. We planted hundreds of plants in about a dozen varieties.
There are already quite a few different plants in bloom in the perennial flower beds, like Peony, Dianthus and a couple varieties of Lily I don’t know the names of.  The new plants we planted today will bloom later and have the effect of staggering the spring and summer parade of blossoms. These flowerbeds are looking great and will keep looking great as new varieties continue to bloom over the next few months.

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