Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Tuesday, April 18, 2017 – Sis. Johnson’s Work Day, Mowing at Bushnell, “Sunset by the Mississippi” Rehearsal
Today’s work schedule was just like yesterday’s. Sis. Johnson worked with the new interns, Constance & Emilie on transplanting in the propagation room. Richard had them transferring little “Plugs” from their  “Pony Packs” to four inch pots. The bigger pots will help the plants be more mature when they are put into the flowerbeds in a few weeks. The gardens of Nauvoo and Carthage are going to look great.

Sis. Johnson finished her day with the interns at the Exodus Memorial. The flowerbeds there won’t get planted for a few more weeks but they were full of weeds, literally full and spilling over with weeds.  
For the second day in a row I was sent to work in Carthage. The grass at the Bushnell House was so tall it had to be mowed. In places it was so thick and tall it bogged down the mower.
Next I used the “Weed Eater” on all of the Bushnell house flowerbeds, sidewalks, curbs and tree circles. I finished my day cleaning up the mess with the blower. The grounds at the Bushnell House look much better now and will be ready for the arrival of the summer complement of missionaries that will be serving at the Carthage Visitor’s Center.

Tonight’s Emma Hale Cast “Sunset by the Mississippi” rehearsal. Sis. Rober adds something new for us to learn every time we rehearse. It’s going to be a great show when we start performing in May.

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