Saturday, April 1, 2017

Saturday, April 01, 2017 – General Conference, George & Agatha, Rick & Sherry McGregor, Amanda Quist Dobbins passed away

This is my niece Amanda Nathan Dobbins, with her husband Nathan; she is 8 months pregnant with her first child. This was her final picture posted only 5 hours ago on a afternoon date. Later while her husband and the other men were attending the General Priesthood session of conference she had a seizure. She coded in the ambulance. Her baby, 3 weeks premature, was taken by c-section. At first with no pulse, the baby was revived and is now being transferred to a different hospital where the baby can receive special care and treatment. Tragically, our beautiful niece, Amanda, could not be saved. Sis. Johnson and I are heartbroken and in shock. I don't have an update on the baby’s condition. We are praying for the baby and our nephew, Nathan, as well as our whole family to be comforted and receive the peace of the Savior at this time of tremendous sorrow. And we pray that they know of our love and support for them. Your prayers will be appreciated as well.
I hope everyone is taking the time to watch General Conference. Sis. Johnson and I have been able to catch all of the sessions so far and they are a spiritual feast. The messages are timely, the advice is inspired and the spirit of revelation is guiding each one. 
This evening between, between the second session of conference and the general priesthood session Sis. Johnson and I got to play “George and Agatha” in tonight’s Rendezvous show. Sis. Johnson feels much better today and her voice is back. Oh . . . and what a great voice she has considering she’s been so sick for the past week. Sis. Johnson belted out her lines with force and enthusiasm; she did a great job
At tonight’s performance of “Rendezvous” we were pleasantly surprised to see Rick McGregor there with his wife and a friend to see our show. After the show the whole cast greets the departing guest and Sis. Johnson and I got to talk with the McGregor’s and their friend Denise.
While cleaning my back porch today I put some bird seed out in the feeder and caught some beautiful pictures of a pair of Cardinals and other birds.

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