Friday, April 14, 2017

Friday, April 14, 2017 – Work at Carthage, Mower Broken, Lilac Bush at Home, Preparing flowerbeds for Annuals
Sis. Johnson and I got to work all day on the grounds at Carthage. What a pleasure, it brought back old memories of our first six months on our mission. Starting in April of last year we were the grounds keepers at Carthage. It was not only a pleasure to work there but it was also very special to us to be assigned to work and to live on the grounds of this sacred and hallowed place.
The grounds at Carthage really needed attention. It’s been weeks since anyone has been out to mow, clean sidewalks, haul debris, rake leaves, etc. There was so much to do that we were only able to complete the areas adjoining the Visitor’s Center, the Jail and all the sidewalks.
I had intended to also mow the lawns close to the Jail and Visitor’s Center but the riding mower had a problem. It wouldn’t engage the cutter blades for some reason. I ended up using the push lawn mower to get the tall grass mowed next to the Jail and Visitor’s Center.
This evening I made a surprise discovery at our home. I went to our back porch to check on our tulip beds and noticed a bush in our back yard that has just started to bloom. It is a Lilac bush and Lilacs are one of Sis. Johnson’s favorite shrubs. Last fall when we got here the leaves were all gone and we had no idea it was a Lilac bush. I walked over to it and stood down wind in the gentle breeze to enjoy the sweet aroma of this heavenly shrub. Sis. Johnson is on cloud nine.
After we got home from work at about 1:45 I immediately started working on the new flower beds at our house to put in all of the annual plants we’ve been preparing & holding in our “Sun Porch.” I worked until after 5:00pm, spading, sifting, rototilling and raking the new flowerbeds. 
 I was extremely tired from all the work. My legs hurt, my feet hurt and my muscles hurt. We had “Sunset” rehearsal tonight and I was completely beat, but I managed OK and it was a very good practice. Each rehearsal, Sis. Rober adds to our routines and dance numbers. It’s going to be a great show come Memorial Day.

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