Monday, April 24, 2017

Monday, April 24, 2017 – Carthage, Lyon Drug Bunny, Digging Tulips & Hyacinths, Dinner at Van Horn’s

Early this morning I was sent to Carthage to mow all of the lawns at the Visitor’s Center and at the Bushnell House. The grass is growing fast, the dandelions are out of control and the lawns need to be mowed at least every 4 to 5 day. I will probably be mowing there until the new couple, Elder & Sis. Nielsen finish their orientation and training here in Nauvoo. Elder Nielsen will probably take over mowing in a week or two.
While I was in Carthage, Sis. Johnson was with Richard and the two new interns and they split their work day digging tulip bulbs in the Women’s Garden and cleaning out flowerbeds at the Lyon Drug historic site. Lyon drug needs a lot of attention and all four of them spent half their day working there and got two garden plots done.
While they were cleaning the flowerbeds at Lyon drug they were surprised to come across a burrow full of four baby cottontail bunny rabbits. The bunnies were very young and they posed for pictures. After they were done posing they were all put back in their little burrow where they were content to wait for their mother to return.

Back at our home Sis. Johnson and I dug up our tulip beds. The tulips were beautiful while they lasted but they are done now. It’s time to put other annual summer flowers in the flowerbeds now. We’ll be doing that during the next week or so.
This evening Elder & Sis. Van Horn treated us to dinner. Homemade “Meat Lover’s” Pizza. I’ve never eaten such a thick pizza with so many good, rich toppings. It was Mmmm-Goood!
After dinner Sis. Johnson worked with Sis. Van Horn on her “Rendezvous in Old Nauvoo” bonnet. They added decorations of ribbon, feathers and fabric flowers Sis. Van Horn made herself. It looks really good. Elder & Sis. Van Horn will have their début in the vignette, “Noah & Sophia” this Wednesday night. 

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