Friday, April 21, 2017

Friday, April 21, 2017 – Scott Higley’s Pennant, Visitor’s Center Tulip Beds, Browning Gun Banana plants Removed, Tulip Bulb Removal

It is the custom for Jordan Bodily, the Director of FM (Facilities Management) to present each departing employee or missionary with an FM commemorative flag. Today was Scott Higley’s last day on the job at FM so during our FM prayer meeting this morning Jordan presented Scott’s his keepsake pennant. 
Our first job this morning was pulling Tulip and Daffodil bulbs from the flower beds by the Visitor’s Center. All four flower beds have been magnificent and colorful this past month, Now it’s time for them all to go and make way for new bedding plants. 
Next we pulled the Banana plants out of the flowerbeds in front of the Jonathan Browning Home and Gun Shop. Last fall they were all cut down but now, with the warmer weather, the root clusters were all sending up new shoots. The Banana plants won’t be coming back to Browning Gun because they are too big and block the view from windows. 
While we were at Browning Gun we also pulled the tulips and hyacinths from the flowerbed there.  This flowerbed was particularly beautiful in its heyday but alas the beauty doesn’t last forever and it was time for the bulbs to be pulled.
We also pulled bulbs at the home of FM’s former Director, Casey Cluff, as well as in front of the FM entry sign. Both of these flowerbeds are relatively small and didn’t take much time. However next week we will be tackling the rest of the tulip beds here in Nauvoo and in Carthage. There are a lot of tulips left to be pulled.
One of Sis. Johnson’s favorite flowers, “Lily of the Valley” is starting to bloom in the flowerbeds all around Old Nauvoo. After lunch we were pulling weeds at the historic home of “William Weeks” and discovered the flowerbeds were full of Lily of the Valley. It was a pleasant and fragrant surprise.

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