Saturday, April 29, 2017

Saturday, April 29, 2017 – Sis. Witbeck, Rain

This morning Sis. Witbeck came over to our house to work with Sis. Johnson and put flower decorations on her Rendezvous bonnet. They had a good time designing and arranging the silk flowers. Sis. Johnson  and Sis. Witbeck with the hot glue gun did a remarkable job. Even though the pioneer women of the 1840’s didn’t have silk flowers and hot glue guns, Sis. Witbeck will look great on stage with her new bonnet.
Today it rained almost all day. And it wasn’t a light drizzle but a good strong rain and at times a very heavy and strong rain. We had to go shopping in it and we found ourselves dashing to and from the car trying not to get wet. It was an adventure. 
When we left for our “Rendezvous” show this evening my rain gauge had over an inch and a half in it. That’s a lot of rain. This evening the national weather service issued a “River Flood Warning” for the Mississippi River and local tributaries. 

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