Monday, May 1, 2017

Monday, May 01, 2017 – Geranium cuttings, VC Cleaning, Jack Hallman, Pioneer Pastimes & Brick Yard 

Today was an on-and-off rainy day which meant we worked part of our day in the greenhouses and part outdoors cleaning & weeding. We started indoors making more Geranium cuttings for rooting. They will be next year’s parent plants. We label the new cuttings with a reproduction of the identification tag. One of the plants I cut for rooting had a tag dated 1987! That means this exact plant has been cloned every year for the last 30 years! Wow.
When the rain stopped we were out in the Women’s Garden and Visitor’s Center cleaning and blowing the sidewalks. We also picked up and hauled away a whole trainer load of downed limbs from last week’s storm. And it was a very strong storms, we received about two and a half inches of rain between Friday and Sunday.
Our busy guest season is starting to heat up. This week there are nine different schools scheduled to come with bus loads of students taking tours. One of their favorite places to visit is “Pioneer Pastimes.” Our next cleaning project was weed removal there in anticipation of a lot of guests soon.
The rain forced us to bounce between the greenhouse and the Historic Sites but we finished our work day cleaning the flowerbeds and sidewalks at the brick Yard. Some of the weeds growing up between the bricks in the sidewalks were three and four inches tall. The “Weed Eater” made short work of them.

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