Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Tuesday, May 16, 2017 – Richard Hancock, Volunteer planters, Pres. & Sis. Hall’s Home

There has been a shake up in the leadership of FM. Scott Higley was the Head Supervisor over all of the Grounds in Nauvoo and Carthage. He was also the boss over Richard Hancock, FM’s Horticulturalist. Last month Scott took a job in Massachusetts and that left a vacancy. So, congratulations are in order. After weeks of waiting and anticipation, the Director of FM, Jordan Bodily, made the official announcement this morning. Richard Hancock has been promoted and will step into Scott Higley’s position. Richard is a good man, strong, organized and capable. He will do a great job. Congratulations Richard Hancock!
We put in another productive day in the gardens and on the grounds of Nauvoo. This morning we had 15 Seniors give up two hours of their P-day to come help us plant in the gardens and clean up the grounds. They were a great group of volunteers and we got a lot done. 
We started at the Exodus Memorial at the end of Parley Street by the banks of the Mississippi River. There are several large raised planters and our crew got them all planted in short order. They were fast and efficient. 
Next we worked on the grounds of the Mission President’s home cleaning flower beds and clearing out weeds from under the trees and bushes. We started this project yesterday and we will finish it tomorrow. President and Sis. Hall are hosting a visit from Elder W. Craig Zwick of the 70. He is currently serving as an Assistant Executive Director of the Missionary Department. He will be here in Nauvoo tomorrow so we want the grounds around the Mission President’s home to be clean and freshly planted.

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