Monday, May 8, 2017

Monday, May 8, 2017 – Planting Spring Gardens, E&S Nielsen in Carthage, Rendezvous

Another busy day on the grounds of Nauvoo and Carthage. This morning Sis. Johnson was with a crew of 20 Senior Missionaries that volunteered to help plant the spring gardens in Nauvoo. They started early this morning and planted annual flower in the flowerbeds at the Visitor’s Center. Everyone pitched in and was very helpful to make the project go quickly and smoothly. They planted a large variety of seasonal annual flowers in varying sizes from the small “pony packs” to 3” and 4” pots.
Next the whole crew was off to the Lyon Drug Herb Garden. Just like at the Visitor’s Center everyone pitched in and did a great job. They also weeded and cleaned more flowerbeds and pruned back a lot of old dead sage plants. Richard set out a variety of vines and Gourds and the crew planted them to climb up Richard’s new arbor. It’s going to look great this summer.
At Lyon Drug they also planted other herbs and flowers. They planted Nicotianna (Ornamental flowering tobacco) Caster Beans, Celosia, and Pumpkins to name a few. There are several flowerbeds left at the Lyon drug to plant but this was a start. All month there are volunteer Seniors signed up to help until all of the flowerbeds are planted.
I spent my whole day in Carthage with the new Senior Couple, Elder & Sis. Nielsen, who have been assigned to be the grounds keepers there. This summer they will be doing the exact same thing Sis. Johnson and I did last summer. My job today was to give them an orientation of everything they will be doing, where to find all of their supplies and how to operate all of their equipment.  The Nielsen’s are enthusiastic and anxious to get started. They will be great. 

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