Sunday, May 28, 2017

Sunday, May 28, 2017 – Jared & Tere’s last day, 70’s Hall

We had a wonderful Sunday morning of church services and spending time with Jared & Tere and their family. We enjoyed taking pictures at the temple and spending time together in the evening.
This afternoon Sis. Johnson and I served in the 70’s Hall. We enjoyed a very busy afternoon with 125 guests coming through. At one point in the late afternoon there was a constant flow of people walking through the front door, it was great. 
I love the 70’s Hall because it was the MTC (Mission Training Center) of the 1840’s. Missionaries left from here bound for service all over the world. When they returned they brought back a knowledge of the culture, the language and the customs of those foreign lands to share with others called to serve there. They even brought back items of curiosity to help teach and prepare other seventies. Church leaders taught the newly called seventies to help prepare them for their service. In every way the 70’s Hall of the 1840’s had the same purpose as today’s MTC.
According to the Nauvoo Neighbor, January 1, 1845: “The seventies’ while travelling over the face of the globe, as the Lord’s Regular Soldiers,” were instructed “to gather all the curious things, both natural and artificial, with all the knowledge, inventions, and wonderful specimens of genius that have been gracing the world. . .”

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