Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Wednesday, May 24, 2017 – Mission Trg. Mtg. Mulching with Shredded Bark, Temple Missionary Volunteers, “Sunset” Rehearsal

This morning we attended our regular weekly Mission Training Meeting. Today Pres. Hall Spoke to us about last week’s training meetings with Elder Zwick of the 70 and his wife. He pointed out several fine points and other interesting things that I had missed. One of them was a point that Sis. Zwick made, referring to our missionary work and life in general she said: “Hard is not bad, hard is just hard!” 
This is soooo true, and I might add that most times, “Easy is bad.” Our spiritual muscles are like our physical muscles, they only grow stronger when we work and exercise them hard. When we take the easy course physically, we lose muscle tone. When we fail to exercise our spiritual muscles we grow weaker spiritually.
Again today we continued our project of placing mulch (shredded bark) around all of the newly planted flowerbeds in the Women’s Garden, the Jonathan Browning flowerbeds, and at the Lyon Drug herb garden.  
Again today we had a large group of Temple Missionaries volunteer to help us for a couple of hours. And again they were great and we got so much more done because of their enthusiastic help. Everyone was working together like a well oiled machine. The mulch was getting spread as fast as we could unload it from the big trailer.
 Tonight we rehearsed “Sunset by the Mississippi” on the outdoor stage for only our second time and this was our final rehearsal before we go live on stage Saturday night. We started at the beginning and went straight through to the end in one continuous performance. I was delightfully surprised with how well it went. I think we are ready for Saturday!
The scariest part of tonight’s rehearsal was our duet of “Senior Moments – Brain Freeze” Sis. Johnson and I had to perform. It was only our second practice with the guitar accompaniment so I was really afraid but it went just fine. I really can’t believe it but Sis. Johnson and I are actually going to be singing a duet on stage in front of hundreds of people on Saturday night. Who’d have thought!?

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