Friday, May 12, 2017

Friday, May 12, 2017 – Farewell Breakfast for E/S Hopkin, Sis. Hipwell & Olsen, “Farewell Nauvoo,” Preparation of  Elem. Sch. Tour, Planted Lg Pots for Main Street, Mother’s Day Flowers, Package & Cards
This morning we had a “Farewell Breakfast” for Elder & Sis. Hopkin. Elder Hopkin is an electrician for FM and Sis. Hopkin is the Mission Housing Coordinator. Both have served with distinction and they have been dear friends to Sis. Johnson and I ever since we arrived in the mission 13 months ago. 

During the breakfast we happened to be seated at the same table with two of the stage performing YPMs. We found out that one of them, Sis. Hipwell, will be playing Marie in the “Marie & Jimmy” vignette in “Rendezvous in Old Nauvoo.” This is significant because Sis. Johnson & I play “George & Agatha” who are Marie’s parents. It turns out that we will be rehearsing and working very closely with Sis. Hipwell all summer.
At the conclusion of every “Farewell Breakfast” in the mission we all stand and sing “Farewell Nauvoo” to the departing missionaries. This song, “Farewell Nauvoo” is part of the “Rendezvous in Old Nauvoo” show we all perform in. In the play, it is a touching and tender moment as characters, Thomas & Elizabeth, prepare to leave and say one last goodbye to their home, their farm, and their beloved Temple and head west. As we sing the song to the departing missionaries it is very symbolic as the departing missionaries say goodbye to Nauvoo, they’re home, friends and Temple.  
At work today we didn’t do any planting in the gardens. Instead we got to help prepare for two Elementary school tours that were scheduled to arrive this morning, one right after the other. We cleaned up, watered and set up planting demonstration tables for the children to plant a potted plant to take home to their mothers for Mother’s Day.
Once the tours started I headed over to the Visitor’s Center and the Women’s Garden to blow and clean the sidewalks so they would look their best in preparation for the weekend. 
After lunch we started the process of planting 24 very large flower pots with a variety of flowers and grasses that will be used to line the sidewalks along Old Main Street in Historic Nauvoo. 
On our way home from work we stopped at the mail room and Sis. Johnson discovered a flower bouquet, a package and Mother’s Day cards for her. Wow what a wonderful surprise. Sis. Johnson loves the flowers, the gifts and the cards from her family. One of the cards is from her son Ernie and her grandsons William and James in Australia. Perfect timing, the card made the 11,000 mile trip right on time for Mother’s Day. 

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