Friday, May 19, 2017

Friday, May 19, 2017 - Elder Craig Zwick, Mission Trg. Meeting, Visitor’s Center East Flowerbed, Debbie & Ray Temple Session

This morning we had the second day of our two day Mission Training Meetings. Again Elder and Sis. Zwick were our keynote speakers. And, once again, the meeting was excellent, jam packed with powerful, motivating, useful and spiritually uplifting guidance. 
Just like yesterday’s meeting, today the message was loud and clear. However there was too much great material to cover here and even if I tried, my attempt wouldn’t do the lessons and training justice. What is most important is the powerful feelings we received through the Holy Ghost. Constantly the spirit whispers to our hearts and souls that this is the work of the Savior. We are his messengers, this is His Gospel and we are “Kingdom Builders” for Him.
Back at FM our day was short because of the Mission Training meeting and all of the Rain overnight. By mid-morning the flowerbeds on the east side of the Visitor’s Center were dry enough to be planted. We had no volunteers to help us today so Richard and his regular grounds crew of Sis. Johnson & I and the  interns got the two big flowerbeds planted. After a few weeks of sunshine the flowerbeds at the Visitor’s Center will look magnificent.
This evening we attended a delightful endowment session at the Nauvoo Temple with Debbie and Ray. Serving in the temple and doing an Endowment session is always special but after the session we helped make it doubly special; by giving Ray and Debbie a tour. Some of the special places in the temple go unnoticed by many who don’t have time to stop and enjoy this magnificent House of the Lord. First we showed them the spiral staircase in the southwest corner of the building. It is an architectural delight; it goes from the basement where the baptistery is to the fifth floor. From the bottom looking up it makes me dizzy. Next we stuck our heads in the “Assembly Hall” on the main floor. It was rebuilt and duplicated exactly the way it was back in 1845; it is a very impressive meeting room. Next we took them down the hall on the north side of the building with the displays of historic artifacts, pictures and memorabilia from the 1840’s. There are many very interesting and unique items on display like Joseph Smith’s saber when he commanded the Nauvoo Legion. If Sis. Johnson and I hadn’t been shown this hall off to the side we would have never seen the displays. 

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