Saturday, May 13, 2017

Saturday, May 13, 2017 – Elder & Sis. Van Horn, Baisch & Skinner, Jo-Ann’s, Grandpa John’s Café

This morning we used our P-day to take a drive with Elder & Sis. Van Horn. Since they both work at FM like we do, they have the same P-day as us. We went to Quincy, IL about 60 miles south of Nauvoo to go shopping. It was a beautiful, cool and clear morning for a drive. 
Our first stop in Quincy was at Baisch & Skinner Wholesale Florist. We are very happy to have a full-service wholesale floral company so close to us. And, since our flower shop back in Arizona has an account with Baisch & Skinner we can purchase flowers and supplies at wholesale. Sis. Johnson is like a kid in a candy store when she shops here.
Our second stop was at Jo-Ann’s Crafts & Fabrics in Quincy. Sis. Van Horn is a very talented seamstress and she was the sewing room coordinator here in the Mission. She likes Jo-Ann’s Fabrics as much as Sis. Johnson likes Baisch & Skinner Floral.  One of the reasons we are here is to pick out the fabric for a new cape and purse for “Agatha,” the character Sis. Johnson plays in “Rendezvous.” Sis. Van Horn will sew them for Sis. Johnson. Our trip to Quincy was very productive.
Back in Nauvoo we stopped in the downtown business district and did some souvenir shopping as well as had lunch at “Grandpa John’s Café.” The food was very good and the prices were easy on the wallet. The same can’t be said for the souvenir shopping, our credit card took a hit there. In the end we had a wonderful P-day with the Van Horns.

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