Saturday, May 6, 2017

Saturday, May 06, 2017 – Turtles, Brick Yard, Squirrels, Rehearsal

Saturday was a very busy and full P-day (Preparation Day) for us. Before leaving to go shopping we did our usual house cleaning. This weekend we are expecting company so we need a neat home.
This afternoon I spent a couple of hours working at the “Brick Yard” historic site. I sanded, touched up and cleaned the bricks Sis. Johnson and I made last week.
This evening we had our usual “Sunset by the Mississippi” rehearsal. Sis. Johnson and I only had 45 minutes of rehearsal with most of the main cast, then we got to go home. Our director, Sis. Rober let most of us go home early so she could work with all of the new missionaries that have just arrived in the mission. Since they are a month behind the rest of us, they will get one-on-one practice with Sis. Rober. Sis. Rober is very good!

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