Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Tuesday, May 2, 2017 – Dig Daffodils, Mow Carthage, Temple Session, Tucson AZ Temple Open House

This morning dawned sunny and cloudless for the first time in weeks. We got to work outdoors all day. Sis. Johnson worked with Richard and Constance Skog in the Women’s Garden digging up four Daffodil beds. These Mini-Daffodils are some of the last to be dug because they stayed pretty so long. But even they reached the point where they had to be dug.
The rest of their day they worked on the various flowerbeds, tree wells and site landscaping all along Old Main Street. There is still a lot left and we will probably be back doing the same thing tomorrow and for the rest of the week.
I spent my whole day in Carthage mowing the lawns at the Visitor’s Center and at the Bushnell House. I had to haul away all of the limbs blown down by last Friday’s storm first. I also used the leaf blower to clean all of the tree blossom debris from the sidewalks by the Visitor’s Center and the Jail.
This evening we were blessed to attend an endowment session in the Nauvoo Temple. And it really is a blessing for Sis. Johnson and I to live only three blocks from the Temple, to be able to attend frequently, and feel the spirit of this sacred place. In the 1840’s the Nauvoo Temple blessed the lives of the Saints that lived here and since the Temple has been rebuilt, it continues to bless all of our lives here in Nauvoo. It truly is a beacon on a hill. It offers peace, comfort, happiness and salvation for each of us as well as for our ancestors. Sis. Johnson and I love attending the Nauvoo Temple.
Back in January the Tucson Arizona Temple open house and dedication dates were announced. Sis. Johnson and I very much enjoy attending the dedication ceremony broadcasts to our Stake Center of Arizona Temples. The open house will be June 3 to June 24th. The Dedication will be Sunday Aug. 13, 2017. Unfortunately Sis. Johnson and I will still be on our mission and we won’t be able to participate in the dedication. This will be the second Arizona Temple dedication or rededication that we will miss. We also missed the dedication in May 2010 of the Gila Valley Arizona Temple because we were on a mission in the Dominican Republic. 

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