Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Wednesday, May 3, 2017 – Mission Trg. Mtg. Cancelled, Cleans Main St., Bark Chips, Dr. Zach Rodeffer, Sunset Rehearsal

Usually we have Mission-wide training early every Wednesday morning. However this week the training meeting was cancelled. President Hall and the other leaders were busy this morning picking up the YSM’s, “Young Sister Missionaries” at the airport. There are twenty YSM’s (ten companionships) arriving today. They will be here for six months, right through our busiest season in Old Nauvoo. We love having the YSM’s serving with us; they bring a special spirit of dedication, love, enthusiasm and hard work to the mission.
We continued cleaning Main Street where Sis. Johnson, Richard and Constance left off yesterday afternoon. The flower beds in front of the Print Shop, Post Office and John Taylor’s home are full of a lily named “Star of Bethlehem.” It puts on a dainty little flower but it is a WEED in our flowerbeds. If left to its own devises it will multiply and completely overwhelm any garden it is in. For the past couple of weeks we’ve been cleaning 
Later in the morning after we finished pulling weeds from all of the flowerbeds we picked up a load of “shredded bark” to cover all of the bare ground in the flowerbeds we just finished cleaning. The shredded bark makes the flowerbeds look much nicer and later we can still plants the summer annual flowers though it. Now the flowerbeds down Old Main Street look much better, just in time for all of the bus loads of students coming to take tours.
For the past few days I’ve developed a toothache. It has gotten bad enough that I’ve found it hard to fall asleep at night because of the pain. I talked to Sis. Jean Winegar who found a very good Dentist last month in Hamilton, ILL named Dr. Zach Rodeffer. I call his office this morning and his receptionist was able to make time for me this afternoon.  It turned out that my toothache was caused by an old crown that had a high spot that irritated the whole tooth. The dentist cut away the high spot on the crown and hopefully this will solve my problem. I already feel much better already but we will know in a week or so if this has completely solved the problem.  
This evening at our “Sunset by the Mississippi” rehearsal we found out that we have another new couple in our “Emma Hale” Cast. They are Elder and Sis. Johnson (3). Yes that’s right. . . There are four Elder & Sis. Johnsons in the mission and ALL four are in the “Emma Hale” cast with us. Wow, what are the odds. The new Elder Ross & Sis. Cheryl Johnson will be a great addition to our cast. We look forward to getting to know them.

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