Wednesday, June 14, 2017

 Wednesday, June 14, 2017 – Zone Training Meeting, Deadhead at Sarah Granger Kimball, Mulch at Browning Gun

This morning we attended another very good Zone Training Meeting. Zone meetings are different from Mission wide training meetings because the size of the group is so much smaller and the participation, comments and shared of ideas are so much more close and personal. Pres. Hall has scheduled twice as many Zone meetings spring and summer.
Today’s work was hot and hard again. Although it clouded up by late morning so it was a little more pleasant late in the day. We started at Sarah Granger Kimball’s home deadheading the Peonies that are all past-bloom. We also cut down all of the “Lamb’s Ear” stalks. There are a lot of weeds in these flowerbeds.  We would have been days weeding in the gardens but Richard brought a sprayer load of Round-up to kill all of the weeds in the flowerbeds. Richard spraying Round-up will make our job much easier.
Our next project was to re-mulch the flowerbeds at the Jonathan Browning Home and Gunsmith Shop.  We had a good crew helping us and we got a lot done. The first application of mulch weeks ago was too thin and the weeds just popped right through without difficulty. When the mulch is two to three inches thick it prevents weeds from pushing through and the flowerbed stay weed free and they look much better.

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