Thursday, June 15, 2017

Thursday, June 15, 2017 – Woodchips, Youth Service Project, Turtle Laying Eggs, Stripping Wall Paper

Today was a big change from our regular routine. We started by hauling load after load of woodchips to the Visitor’s Center. Across the street on the north side of the visitor’s center all of the trees got a load of woodchips. There were two large youth groups in town to hold Youth Conference in Nauvoo. For their service project they spread woodchips on the ground around the base of each tree. 
Sis. Johnson and I used our grounds keeping trailer to haul loads of woodchips but there were two other dump truck hauling chips to the tree as well. It didn’t take long before we were completely out of woodchips. All winter the tree cutting crews would cut down old decaying trees and turn them all into woodchips. This morning they all got neatly place at the base of dozens of trees by the Visitor’s Center. It was a very productive morning. 
We got to see something rare that we’ve never seen in person before. At the FM Compound entrance sign a large snapping turtle was digging a hole and when she finished we got to watch her lay her eggs. We kept our distance so as not to bother her but she kept at her task until the hole was full of eggs and covered back over. In a few weeks we may get to see baby turtle emerge. Something else we’ve never witnessed in person.
Our next project was removing wallpaper at the home of FM’s new Director. After Casey Cluff (FM’s former Director) was called to be a Mission President in Guatemala, the new Director would be moving into the 90 year old home. But it was in desperate need of repair and modernizing. A lot of the electrical and plumbing needed to be replaced and updated. And, since there were so many holes being punched in the walls, floors and ceilings all of the wallpaper in the whole house has to be replaced with fresh paint.
Tonight we performed in “Sunset by the Mississippi” again. Sis. Johnson and I sure enjoy our stage time and performing  in front of the “Sunset” crowds but we don’t like the heat and the humidity. Again tonight it was sunny and very hot. Last year we never got used to it but it is just part of the Nauvoo Mission experience for each of us. After the show we were asked to stay a few minutes for our official cast photograph. Each couple will get to have a copy. I hope it turns out well.

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