Thursday, June 22, 2017

Thursday, June 22, 2017 – Tree Poison, Yearsley Home, Gheen Home, Jonathan Browning Home, Poison Ivy

Our first cleaning assignment this morning was the Historic home of David & Mary Ann Yearsley. We cleaned and weeded all of the flowerbeds. I also found half a dozen rogue sapling trees to pull out by the roots or kill with tree poison. Either way they all have to go because they are too close to the building. If left to mature they would damage the foundation.
Our next stop was at the historic home of William & Ester Gheen. The flowerbeds here needed to be cleaned and spruced up because this home is seen by so many visitors at they take the horse drawn wagon ride around Old Nauvoo.
Our final cleaning assignment for the day was at the Jonathan Browning back yard and herb garden. It is a large area and the guests that visit the Historic Jonathan Browning Gunsmith Shop leave the tour out the back door into the garden. So, the garden needs to always look good for the guests.
Part of the tour of the Jonathan Browning home is in the back yard where guest are taken to the grave of the Browning’s six week old daughter.  Jonathan and his wife Elizabeth purposefully buried their daughter in that spot in the back yard because they had a clear view of the Nauvoo Temple as a reminder that families are eternal and they would have their daughter with them again someday. 
While we were pulling weeds in the back yard of the Jonathan Browning Home, Sis. Johnson got into Poison Ivy or Stinging Nettle. We didn’t find the culprit but she ended up with big bad welts on her right arm and wrist. The oil from Poison Ivy can be on your clothes and transfer to your skin later so Sis. Johnson went home immediately to shower and put on “Safe” clothes. She says the pain is gone but I’m afraid the welts will last for a few days.

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