Monday, June 5, 2017

Monday, June 5, 2017 – E/S Aina, Mulching the Women’s Garden, Rat Snake, Daniel & Mindy

This morning in our FM Prayer Meeting we said goodbye to Elder & Sis. Aina. Elder Aina has been a painter for FM for over a years and he and Sis. Aina decided to extend their mission by a couple of months until June. So now it’s time to say farewell. We will miss Elder & Sis. Aina, they have been good friends, dedicated missionaries and servants of the Lord. They leave for their home in Oregon on Wednesday morning. 
We worked all morning mulching again. We were back in the Women’s Garden putting on a second layer of mulch in places that didn’t get enough the first time. Now that it’s been a week or two it is very easy to tell were the mulch was laid down too thin. Weeds are popping up through the mulch in the thin spots. Where it was thick enough there are no weeds.
In addition to our regular FM grounds crew, we had one couple volunteer from the Temple Mission. We love to have volunteers and all the extra help we can get. 
This morning we had to say goodbye to Charles and Charlotte. They didn’t get away until after we were at work. They have a fun itinerary planned as they head home by way of several Church History sites and Temples.
And, just as my brother and his wife left Nauvoo, we welcomed the arrival of our son Daniel and his wife Mindy and their children. We are very excited to have them visit us for a full week. Sis. Johnson has been looking forward to getting her arms around all of those grandchildren. We are delighted to have them here with us.

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