Monday, June 12, 2017

Monday, June 12, 2017 – Dan & Mindy leave, Weeding at W. Gdn, Possum Damage, Weeding at FLC, Caulk floors at Pageant Building

We had to say goodbye to our family this morning. Dan & Mindy were loading everything when Sis. Johnson and I had to leave for work. They have been here for a full week and we’ve enjoyed every minute of their stay. Sis. Johnson especially enjoyed hugging the grandkids and having them so close for a while. It was a very tear-filled goodbye. 
It was a very hard, hot day of work for Sis. Johnson and I. We started in the Women’s Garden repairing damage to all of the flowerbeds. At first we thought a herd of deer had come through the garden and destroyed a lot. But Richard thinks it was either mole, raccoon or possum damage. A family of possums could have easily done all of the damage overnight as they dig for grubs & worms. There was mulch scattered all about and lots of plants were uprooted and laying on their sides. There were signs of digging throughout the gardens. Yesterday the flowerbeds in the Women’s Garden were beautiful, today they are shambles.
Next we went to the Family Living Center to weed and clean the flowerbeds there. I spent a lot of time on a personal crusade against “Summer Flower”, “Poke Weed” and “Poison Ivy.” It was a hot day and the work is hard. Sis. Johnson and I were char-broiled! We were covered in sweat and we were so happy to break for lunch and get to the indoor, air conditioned FM break room. 
After lunch we finished our day at the large pageant building five miles east of Nauvoo. Jared Willyerd is the FM painter and we helped him caulk and seal all of the concrete floor seams in the very large indoor pageant rehearsal building. This and other necessary tasks urgently need completion because the building must be finished and ready for the arrival of the Nauvoo pageant cast shortly.

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