Friday, June 9, 2017

Friday, June 09, 2017 – Mulching again, Elder Kyle Johnson & Elder Cantwell, Vinson Knight Mulch, Dan & Mindy at Lyon Drug, Trim Hedge, Dan & Mindy tour of FM, “Rendezvous in Old Nauvoo”

We did a lot of mulching again today. We started at the home of FM’s Director, Jordan Bodily. The two flowerbeds we planted needed mulch plus the bushes and hedges got a coat of mulch so everything looks great. 
While we were there at Jordan Bodily’s new home I popped inside to see how FM’s head paint expert, Jared Willyerd, was doing on the wall paper. He has the help of three young service missionaries, Elder Gearhart, Elder Cantwell and Elder Kyle Johnson. Jared Willyerd and his crew where hard at work stripping wall paper. They are taking it ALL off of ALL of the walls in the whole house. It is an exhausting, tedious and seemingly never ending job. 
Back at work on the flowerbeds at Jordan’s new home it took us over an hour to finish mulching. Next we headed to the historic home of Vinson Knight to mulch what we planted yesterday. The flowerbeds really look nice with a fresh layer of mulch on them.
Our next stop was at the herbal gardens of the Lyon Drug. There were still plants that needed to be mulched plus we filled in and put on a second layer of mulch on those that were done earlier. While we were there our family, Dan & Mindy and kids came by and took a tour of the Lyon drug. Afterward Sis. Johnson gave them a tour of the herbal gardens so they could see the work Grandma and Grandpa do every day on their mission.
Next I trimmed the hedge at FM’s Director, Jordan Bodily’s new home. I had trimmed it last fall but it has grown an additional three feet tall in some places.
At the end of our shift Dan & Mindy came over to the FM compound to take a tour of the greenhouses with their kids. Sis. Johnson & I enjoyed showing our family where we work and what we do. The children loved all of the flowers. 
They say things happen in threes. Well, last week our guest, Charlotte Quist, had a mishap getting out of the car in our driveway and broke several bones in her foot, then Sis. Johnson had a run-in with a wheelbarrow and almost broke her arm. She is still in pain from that one. Well, this morning our son Dan slipped on our stairs and fell to the bottom of the staircase and landed on his back. He is bruised and sore but it doesn’t look like he has any serious injuries. Tomorrow when he wakes up is when his strained back and leg will really hurt. 

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