Monday, June 26, 2017

Monday, June 26, 2017 – Cool Morning Turned to Rain, Weeding & Cleaning Smith Family Cemetery with Elder Johnson & Elder Cantwell

This morning was cool and overcast, a perfect day to work outdoors. We all had to put our jackets on! As the morning wore on the clouds got thicker and darker until we were working in a light rain. However it didn’t stay light for long and we had to move our work indoors.
We started out weeding and cleaning at the Memorial to the Pioneers at the exodus point by the shore of the Mississippi River. The mulch seems to have kept the weeds down a lot so we were done pretty quickly. 
Next we move to the Smith Family Cemetery to pull weeds from the flowerbeds we planted a few weeks ago. Tomorrow at noon there will be a commemoration program there on the 143rd anniversary of the Martyrdom of the Prophet Joseph Smith and his brother Hyrum. This program will be put on by the Community of Christ Church who owns the cemetery. The LDS Church will hold its commemoration service tomorrow at 5:00pm on the grounds of the Carthage Jail. Last year we had over 900 in attendance.
Our next three stops were the Visitor’s Information Kiosk on the main highway into Nauvoo, the Wilford Woodruff Home and finally Browning gun. They all have flowerbeds that needed weeding plus all of the grounds around these sites need regular general cleaning and maintenance. There is litter, leaves, limbs and stick, hoeing, raking, sweeping and blowing of sidewalks to do.
We were still working in the herb garden behind Browning Home and Gunsmith when it started to rain so we took our work inside. Elder Kyle Johnson, Elder Cantwell and I worked in the “Hoop” greenhouse pulling Oxalis and other weeds as well and cleaning and sweeping out the whole greenhouse. It was a great indoor project while it rained.

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