Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Tuesday, June 6, 2017 – CPR Training, Deadheading, Dan & Mindy

All morning at FM we attended a special CPR Training class. Kendall Gallaher was our instructor; he’s head of the FM Auto Mechanic Department. However, in his “Spare” time his is also a captain in the Nauvoo Volunteer Fire Department. As a volunteer, he gets called out to emergencies day or night, 24/7. He still works full time for FM so he is very busy. 
Bro. Gallaher is very qualified to teach the CPR class, he is a certified EMT and is certified as a CPR instructor. His training this morning was great. I’ve been to multiple CPR training classes years ago and I was really surprised how much has changed in the last decade. In addition to the CPR training we were also trained in basic first aid, the Heimlich maneuver and use of the portable defibrillator machines.  I learned a lot.
After CPR training we had our lunch, then we headed over to the Visitor’s Center gardens and deadheaded a lot of Peony plants. The plants look much better now with the seed pods gone. The lilies in the gardens are all in bud and will be lit up in glorious colors in a few days. As one variety of flower peaks then wanes, another one comes right behind in full color to keep the gardens looking beautiful all spring and summer.
After work we met Dan & Mindy at the house. They were home for a lunch break after a full day of taking tours in Old Nauvoo.  They spent a lot of time in the Family Living Center and really enjoyed it there; they came home with a handmade rope. They also went to the Cultural Hall, the Scovil Bakery and they got to listen to a performance by the Nauvoo Brass Band. It was a fun filled day for the whole family. 

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