Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Tuesday, June 27, 2017 – Doe & two Fawns, Sunset Stage, Diagonal Sidewalk, Poison Ivy

For the past few days we’ve been delighted to follow the movements of a doe and her twin fawns in our neighborhood. We got to see them again this afternoon on our way home from work. The doe was nursing her two fawns in the middle of our neighbor’s yard, out in the open and in full view of the street. 
Again today we pulled weeds and cleaned flowerbeds, planters and sidewalks. We started at the outdoor “Sunset Stage” where we perform two nights a week in “Sunset by the Mississippi.” There were large weeds tucked under the trees that needed to be pulled. We cleaned the steps, sidewalks and planters all around the stage and out on the street.
I have a personal vendetta against rogue trees growing where they don’t belong. If I can’t pull them completely out by the roots, I use an eyedropper to dispense a poison that will kill the roots of the little saplings after I cut it off at ground level. Around the “Sunset Stage” I killed dozens of rogue trees growing up through the hedges and in and around other trees and planned landscaping.
The big job we tackled today was cleaning the “Diagonal Sidewalk” of all its weeds. In the Liriope beds and at the base of all of the bushes and trees there were zillions of weeds. Here too there are rogue trees that have to be pulled or poisoned. In the time we were there I must have killed a hundred rogue trees.
At one point we were happily cleaning along and suddenly we came to a screeching halt, Poison Ivy! Sometimes it is easy to get caught up just pulling and pulling weeds and not paying attention to what they are. But that can be dangerous with the possibility of Poison Ivy and Stinging Nettle around. Luckily the patch of Poison Ivy was spotted before anyone got into it.

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