Saturday, June 24, 2017

Saturday, June 24, 2017 – Twin Fawns, Tomato HHornworm

On our way to go shopping this morning for P-day we saw a rare treat beside the road. Our neighbors, Elder & Sis. Winegar live only a few doors south of us. (Our grandson Elder Kyle Johnson and three other service missionaries live in the lower level). A few days ago the Winegar’s told us that a mother deer had left her two fawns in the grass of the yard next to their house. Today we noticed the two fawns were still there. Evidently that is where the doe leaves her fawns for safe keeping until she returns from browsing each day. 
Today when we returned from our P-day errands I discovered a lot of leaves missing off of our tomato plants. Last week I discovered a lot of stems eaten off by the deer so I closed the lid to the wire cage that surrounds the tomato planter so the deer would not be able to eat all of the leaves and stems. But today’s damage was inside the wire cage. Something else was eating all of the leaves.
Upon close examination of our six tomato plants I discovered worms, lots of Tomato Hornworms. I got to work hunting high and low for the culprits that were devouring my tomato plants. My search resulted in the capture and eradication of 24 worms. I hunted for quite a while and I’m sure I didn’t find them all. From now on I will be looking in the tomato plants everyday for worms. I am very stingy; I am not going to share my tomatoes with Hornworms.
Today Sis. Johnson and I treated ourselves to a movie. We went to the “Plaza 3 Cinema” in Keokuk, IA. It’s only 15 miles south of Nauvoo and we drive by the shopping center every week on our way to Wal-Mart to do our weekly shopping.
 We saw “Cars 3” the next sequel in the “Cars” movie franchise. It was very good, we liked it a lot. Sis. Johnson liked it so much she said we will be buying the two disc set when they are released.

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