Sunday, June 11, 2017

Sunday, June 11, 2017 – Temple Photo Shoot, Brick Yard, 70’s Hall, Post Office, Concert

This morning the whole family, Dan & Mindy and Sis. Johnson & I attended church with the Nauvoo 3rd Ward. Afterward we went to the Temple to take family pictures and walk the grounds. The Temple grounds are a very special place and anyone that goes there can feel the spirit of this sacred “House of the Lord.” 
While we were taking family pictures, Mindy said, “I would like to take my time and walk around the Temple for a while. I don’t know when I’ll be back and I want to enjoy our time here.” Sometimes we think we have to hurry through everything we do but Mindy was right, we need to slow down and enjoy the spirit we feel while on the grounds of the temple.
We had a full afternoon planned. After lunch we went to the “Brick Yard” for a tour. The Brick Yard is one of those special historic sites that everyone loves because you are given a souvenir brick to take home. But today our grandchildren were in for a surprise.  They not only were given a genuine Nauvoo brick but the brick they received had their names imbedded with the caption, “Love, Grandma & Grandpa – Nauvoo Mission 2016 to 2017.” Sis. Johnson and I enjoyed the looks on our grandkids faces as their names were read off and handed their own personalized brick. There were big smiles and hugs all around.
Elder and Sis. Brown were our Brick Yard tour guides and we were in for a real treat. Elder Brown showed us how they make bricks in the brick room. He showed us step by step the process each brick goes through to be a genuine Nauvoo brick.
 Next Sis. Johnson & I, along with Delaney & Alex were off to the 70’s Hall while Dan & Mindy took the three youngest children back to the house for their naps. We only had 45 minutes to try and get two more sites in. Next we headed to the Post Office for a quick tour so we could be back home and get ready for the 3:00PM YPM’s Sunday concert at the Visitor’s Center.
The YPM’s Sunday afternoon concert of sacred hymns is a very special event as the YPM’s sing and perform their musical instruments with such beauty it is spellbinding. Their rendition of the hymn “Come thou Fount of Every Blessing” is on a par with the Tabernacle Choir, they are that good!

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