Friday, June 2, 2017

Friday, June 02, 2017 – Farewell Breakfast for Aina’s & Hacking’s, Farewell Nauvoo, Charlotte’s Broken Foot, Sis. Johnson’s Arm, Visitor’s Center Flowerbeds, Charles & Charlotte with Elder Kyle Johnson at Rendezvous

This morning we had another Farewell breakfast for the departing missionaries. This time there were only two couples being honored, Elder & Sis. Aina and Elder & Sis. Hacking. These Elders and Sisters have been faithful, hard working and exemplary missionaries during their time of service here in the Illinois Nauvoo Mission. Many tears were shed as we said goodbye to them this morning.
At the conclusion of every “Farewell Breakfast” in the mission we all stand and sing “Farewell Nauvoo” to the departing missionaries. This song, “Farewell Nauvoo” is part of the “Rendezvous in Old Nauvoo” show we all perform in. In the play, it is a touching and tender moment as characters, Thomas & Elizabeth, prepare to leave and say one last goodbye to their home, their farm, and their beloved Temple and head west. As we sing the song to the departing missionaries it is very symbolic as the departing missionaries say goodbye to Nauvoo, they’re home, friends and Temple.  Each time we sing this song to departing missionaries, there isn’t a dry eye in the place.
At work today it was the same thing as yesterday, the day before and for several weeks now. We mulched flowerbeds that had already been planted and we planted more flowerbeds. This time all of the flowerbeds we worked on were at the Visitor’s Center.  And again we had the tireless help of a group of Temple Missionaries. I don’t know what we’d do without their help, I think we would be weeks behind schedule if we didn’t have so many volunteers day after day.
Today at work Sis. Johnson had a mishap with one of the wheelbarrows. She got tangled up with one and she lost the fight. We thought she might have broken her arm but x-rays were negative. She has a very bad and deep bruise on her right forearm that may take weeks to heal. We are thankful it was not a break.
My sister-in-law, Charlotte Quist, who is visiting us for the week also had a mishap yesterday. My brother, Charles, took Charlotte to the clinic and the X-rays were positive. Their fears were confirmed, her foot was not only broken but it was shattered. When they get home next week she will have to see an Orthopedist but for now she is using a walking boot for support instead of a cast. 
Tonight at “Rendezvous in Old Nauvoo” it was our turn to play the vignette, “George & Agatha.” We enjoy acting and playing “George & Agatha” but it is always extra special when we have family visiting us and they get to watch us on stage. We really like the applause and cheering!

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