Sunday, January 1, 2017

Sunday, January 01, 2017 – Sunday Services, Cathy Dangerfield, Dinner with Jared & Tere

We had a wonderful Sunday. It began with church services at the Alma Ward, Mesa Alma Stake with Nathan & Valerie and Jacob & Wendy’s families. It was good to be back in our old home ward and see familiar faces and shake hands with old friends. 
After church we were off to North Phoenix to the Mayo Clinic to visit a good friend, Cathy Dangerfield. She is in the hospital with heart problems, including valves that are only functioning at 20%. A week ago she was in critical condition but has bounced back and doing much better now. Even so, she will need a heart transplant. She has been in our Daily prayers for the past several weeks.
Our day of visiting family and friends ended at the home of our son and his family, Jared & Tere and our three grandsons.  We enjoyed a wonderful dinner of prime rib cooked just right. Mmmm-Goood!  It was a very good day. Thank you Jared and Tere for having us over.

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