Friday, January 20, 2017

Friday, January 20, 2017 – Elder Schultz, Rehearsal, “Deer Scram”, Clean Flowerbeds & Trim Hedge

This morning after our FM prayer meeting we were treated to a wonderful breakfast prepared by Elder Harry Schultz. He put on the breakfast to thank all of the hard working FM staff and Missionaries that are working so hard preparing facilities, stages and support buildings for the upcoming season of Nauvoo performances. These devoted Elders and Sisters are truly working above and beyond the call of duty.
Elder and Sis. Schultz have been called to be over all shows and productions here in the Nauvoo except the two pageants. They are highly qualified for this calling. They are over and are responsible for coordinating, producing and overseeing the two shows the Seniors put on, “Rendezvous in Old Nauvoo,” and “Sunset by the Mississippi.” They are also responsible for all of the shows that the YPM’s (Young Performing Missionaries) put on like “The Promise” and others. The Schultz’s has been professional entertainers and have directed and performed in multiple professional stage productions. Elder & Sis. Schultz are very busy now but this summer they will be even busies.
We had another rehearsal with Sis. Lowe this morning. This time we got to rehearse with Elder Rober, he’s the other “Doctor” in our “George & Agatha” scenes. The rehearsal went very well and Sis. Lowe said we still need a couple of “dress rehearsals” before we go on. So our debut will be next Saturday the 28th. We are looking forward to it, but we are still very nervous.
Our first task this morning was to work with Richard Hancock spreading deer repellant on the tulip beds at the Woman’s Garden. I didn’t know that deer have a taste for tulip bulbs. The deer will use their hooves to dig them out of the flowerbeds to eat them. Later next month when the new tender shoots emerge from the ground they are a favorite snack of the deer too.
As we went about the rest of our work day we continued picking up downed limbs wherever we found them.  I’m always surprised how many there are on the ground since the last time we drove by.
We also cleaned up the last of the flowerbeds at the Browning Gun Shop on Main Street. Months ago when we cleaned the flowerbeds at Browning we left just a few flowerbeds untouched because the lily foliage still looked good. Now they are all frozen right down to the ground and needed to be cleaned up.
Our last project of the day was to finish trimming the hedge at the parking lot of the “Land and Records” office. We started this project back on December 16th but we only got halfway done. It started to snow hard so we couldn’t finish. Today’s weather was 43 degrees and foggy; it’s perfect to work outdoors. By the time we got back to FM to dump our trailer at the burn pile the trailer was clear full trimmings and downed limbs.  Another good day of work.

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