Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Wednesday, January 04, 2017 – Final hugs, SW Airlines, Flight Home

Our week in Arizona came to an end today. It was a highly successful trip as we helped design flowers for Uncle Vic Wilson’s funeral. We attended the wonderful service that celebrated the life of a kind, gracious, humble, and loving man. We had a wonderful family dinner provided by the Alma Ward, Mesa Alma Stake and renewed acquaintances and friendships with family and friends, some of which we haven’t seen in decades.  We spent the rest of our time this week visiting with our immediate family in Arizona. It was a shame the occasion that brought us back was a funeral but we thoroughly enjoyed our time with our various families in AZ. 
Our daughter-in-law, Valerie and our grand-daughter Samantha took us to the airport this morning. There were hugs all around as we said our final goodbyes.
Our three hour+ flight back to St. Louis and three+ hour drive back to Nauvoo was smooth and uneventful.  Except for a SCARE we got in the parking lot of the Renaissance Hotel were our car was parked in the long term parking lot. When we walked up to our car we discovered that driver’s side window was missing! The staff at the Renaissance Hotel had taped a large piece of plastic over the window to seal it while we were gone.
I had vision of hours of hassles dealing with the insurance company to replace a shattered window, filing police reports, itemizing stolen personal items, finding a repair shop or driving home in subfreezing cold with only a sheet of plastic in the window flapping in the wind. But, to our great relief the window had not been smashed and the car had not been searched by a thief. No, evidently I had left the window rolled down last week and the hotel staff did us the favor of sealing the window to keep the elements out. What a relief!  Thank you Renaissance Hotel & staff, well done. 

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