Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Tuesday, January 03, 2017 – Diana Palmer, Visits, Granddaughters

Today was more relaxed for us. We continued to visit friends and family before we catch our flight back tomorrow.  We spent time with Sis. Johnson’s parents again, Jim & Betty Burk in East Mesa. They came to visit us in Nauvoo on Sept. 10th for a week. We enjoyed reminiscing about their time in Nauvoo with us. 
We also got to talk to an old friend and co-worker at the flower shop, Diana Palmer. Her daughter is getting married this week and she is preparing the flowers for the wedding. Sis. Johnson and I have had a lot of fun these past few days visiting friends. 
We finished our day with our son Nathan and his wife Valerie and their family. Mostly we played games with our granddaughters. It was a lot of fun. For the past nine months it’s been fun talking to them over “Skype” but it is soooo much better to see our grandkids in person.
We played “Yahtzee” with our granddaughters at first but then switched to a new game I’ve never played called “Telestrations.”  It is a was very funny game based on the old children’s game of “Telephone” but instead of whispering something  to the person next to you and seeing what you get back after it goes around the circle, “Telestrations has you draw a picture of the word and the person has to write down what they think it is and then draw it for the next person. It is hilarious to see the metamorphosis of a simple common word as it goes from person to person.  At any rate it was a lot of fun playing games with our granddaughters. 

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