Saturday, January 28, 2017

Saturday, January 28, 2017 – Rehearsal, Design Stage Arrg’s, Debut as “George & Agatha”

We met with Sis. Lowe early this morning for our final rehearsal for our parts of “George & Agatha” before tonight’s performance. The rehearsal went very well and Sis. Lowe thinks we are ready. Sis. Lowe is always encouraging, positive and enthusiastic in her directing, teaching and motivation. She’s very good. 
Each week Sis. Lowe prints out a new schedule for all three casts of “Rendezvous.” She often writes a few lines of wisdom and encouragement. Here is what she wrote in today’s email to all of us:

Dear Emma Hale Cast!

Watching this mission perform each night is a clear reminder of how the Lord works miracles through his missionaries as you stand as witnesses on that stage.  Many of you came with fear and trepidation at the thought of being on stage for not just one show but two!  You have worked hard in Rendezvous, and soon you'll be a bright spot in Sunset!  To see you step up to the plate, hitting home runs night after night, leaves me shaking my head; for indeed, we are clay in the potter's hands.  Deepest thanks!


You are doing just that.  This mission is definitely a journey, and as Pres. Monson counseled us, "Find joy in the journey!"

Love and Hugs!
Sister Lowe

Later in the morning we gathered our supplies, tools, grasses & containers and headed to the Visitor’s Center. Sis. Andres asked Sis. Johnson to prepare some arrangements to decorate the stage for Sunday evening’s Sociable (Fireside). Yesterday we picked an arm load of Pampas grass in preparation and we also picked some pine to use as filler. 
Sunday’s Sociable (Fireside) is going to be the start of a week’s worth of events that commemorate the exodus by the first Saints that crossed the frozen Mississippi River and started their journey west on February 7, 1846.
Tonight was our first performance as “George and Agatha.” We did it! We survived our debut. We made a few mistakes and forgot a line or two but they were minor and anyone watching for the first time wouldn’t have known the difference. All in all we did a very good job. We perform as “George and Agatha” again on Monday night. We are looking forward to it. We will get better as we continue to perform. It is quite likely that we will be “George and Agatha” until we finish our mission in eight months.

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