Thursday, January 26, 2017

Thursday, January 26, 2017 – Transplanting, Family Living Center Upgrade, Clean GH’s, Blog Books

This morning Richard discovered a small infestation of “Mealybugs” in Greenhouse #3. This pest is particularly hard to kill and somehow it has survived Richards spraying and other pest control measures. A couple of the “Haight Ashbury” Hibiscus, (Mahogany Splendor) plants (See Oct. 15, 2016) were infected so instead of spraying again he just pruned back all of the Hibiscus plants. It was such a shame to see all of those beautiful flowers being cut off so I rescued them. Now they are in a pretty little bud vase on the table Sis. Johnson works at.  
Today was more of the same transplanting of “Salvia Strata” AKA “Mealy Cup Sage” but we also transplanted something new. We transplanted several trays of Artichokes. Richard likes to use Artichokes in the gardens because of the beautiful silver foliage. 
Mid-morning we took a break from our transplanting to see the work going on at the “Family Living Center.” Richard told us about the plan and we had to go see for ourselves. ALL of the shrubs and bushes have been removed from the grounds around the “Family Living Center.” The plan to remove all of the bushes and shrubs has been in the works for a couple of years. The sidewalks were so badly overgrown with bushes and shrubs it was hard to walk. 
We finished our work day cleaning Greenhouse #2. There were a lot of leaves under the benches and on the floor. I got to use Richard’s new electric leaf blower. It was purchased to be used in the greenhouses where we can’t use the gasoline powered leaf blowers.
While I blew and cleaned, Sis. Johnson picked all of the Kumquats off of the trees in Greenhouse #2 to throw them away. It’s a shame; I would have loved to have eaten them all. But Kumquats are usually eaten rind and all. Since these greenhouses are regularly sprayed with insecticides, pesticides and fungicides the rind isn’t safe to be eaten.
Exciting NEWS! My Blog books have arrived! Since we started our mission last March I’ve kept a personal journal, complete with daily events, stories, testimonies, pictures & captions. Every day I’ve shared my journal on FaceBook but I’ve also uploaded it to our Mission Blog. You can check it out here: Using a company named: “Blog2Print” I’ve had the first 9 months of our mission journal printed into full color, glossy photo finished, 8½ X11 hard cover books. The three books average about 200 pages each. I love’m.
Six years ago Sis. Johnson and I returned from an 18 month mission to the Dominican Republic. The “Blog2Print” books of that mission are still a favorite conversation piece in our home in Arizona. The books are a wonderful way to remember our mission, the people we knew and loved, their names and faces with a story to go with each one.

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