Monday, January 9, 2017

Monday, January 09, 2017 – Water, Weed, Clean & Sweep Greenhouse, Christmas Walk Report

This morning was over 15 degrees warmer than yesterday. It was a balmy 16 degrees above zero when we started work. Even so, we still worked indoors in the warmth of the greenhouses all day. We started by watering all of the seedlings in the starter trays. They needed the water; they were pretty dry after the weekend. 
Cleaning the greenhouses was our next order of business. Sis. Johnson took one and I took another. We pulled dead leaves out of pots, we swept the walls, the isles and under the benches. We also pulled Oxalis weeds from the pots. This job has taught me to hate Oxalis!

While Sis. Johnson cleaned her second greenhouse I pulled down the large fan wire screens and cleaned them. Some were very impacted with lint, dirt and grime after a summer of running almost nonstop. They were due for a good cleaning.  
Finally all of the greenhouses got a good watering. We still have one greenhouse to clean and hopefully we will get to it tomorrow.
This afternoon we worked for several hours on the final “Summery” report for last month’s “Christmas Walk & Tree Lighting” Sis. Johnson and Sis. Hacking were in charge of. It was a very big event and so the summery report is big as well. We’ve been waiting for the last of the sub-committee chair’s reports to be turned in. Now that they are all in we could finish the final report today. Sis. Johnson is very relieved to finally have this huge mission-wide event behind her.

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