Monday, January 2, 2017

 Monday, January 02, 2017 – Citrus for Ann Freeman, Dan & Mindy, My Brother’s & Sisters

This morning our dear friend Ann Freeman left for her home in Colorado. She drove all of the way were just so she could attend the funeral service for Victor Wilson. She worked with Vic and I in our flower shop. Back in the 90’s my brother-in-law, Vic was instrumental in Ann’s conversion. We were delighted she was able to make the trip to Arizona for the funeral. 
Before Ann left I helped her pick six big grocery bags full of Tangelos and Lemons from our citrus trees so she could take them back to Colorado. I asked her how many bags full she wanted and she said as many as I wanted to give her. She said if there were too many she would give them away to her friends and family in Colorado. When I finished picking the Tangelos the tree still looked like I hadn’t picked any.
Today we continued to make the round and visited more of our family. We spent the afternoon at Dan & Mindy’s house playing with our five grandchildren. I didn’t realize that a muffin with icing made of “Play Dough” looks real enough to eat. But don’t, it tastes really nasty! 
While we were at Dan & Mindy’s house they shared their plans to come to Nauvoo this summer. They haven’t finalized their plans yet but it looks like they will be able to come visit and see the historic sites of Old Nauvoo the first week of June. We will be looking forward to their arrival. 

This evening we had a dinner and family gathering at my sister’s home, Susan Hunn. This is an annual reunion of all of my brothers and sisters and their spouses. It was only because we returned for my brother-in-laws funeral that we were in town and able to attend.
This reunion was a perfect opportunity for Sis. Johnson and I to be with our family one last time before we catch our flight back to Nauvoo on Wednesday. 

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