Friday, January 13, 2017

Friday, January 13, 2017 – “George & Agatha” Rehearsal, Coleus Cuttings, Temple Session

Early this morning we had another rehearsal for our part in “Rendezvous” as “George & Agatha” with our director, Sis. Lowe.  Sis. Lowe thinks we did pretty well, she had us do all of our parts, all of our scenes and all of our dialog, start to finish. She thinks we have progressed enough that we can start rehearsing with the other characters in the vignette.
Back in the greenhouses at FM we continued our project of trimming and prepping Coleus cuttings for rooting. We still have half of a bench left to process before this round of propagation is finished. Then we will most likely start the same process over again with another variety of plant in the greenhouses. We will be doing this off and on all winter and into the spring.

I really get a kick out of the colorful and descriptive names the various Coleus plants have. Here are some of the colorful, poetic and descriptive plant names: Molten Lava, Strawberry Drop, Sun Rise, Stained Glass, Burning Bush, Alabama Sunset, Olympic Torch, Florida Sunshine, Lemon Chiffon, Carrot Cake, Super Chartreuse and Ox Blood Red! Then we had the weird, wild and wacky names that conjured up no colorful image in my mind at all: Darth Vader, Helter Skelter, Vulcan, Eclipse, Mars, Tweedy Bird, Crazy Quilt, Spit Fire, Big Chief and Custer.
This evening Sis. Johnson and I had the privilege of attending the Nauvoo Temple. This was our first time back to the Temple since we attended the Mesa, Arizona Temple when we went home for Vic Wilson’s funeral two weeks ago.

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