Friday, January 27, 2017

Friday, January 27, 2017 – Drive to Pick-up Sticks, Visitor’s Center Flowerbeds, Family Living Center, Bald Eagle Fishing, Four Bucks

We started our work day in the Van driving the streets of Historic Nauvoo picking up downed limbs and branches. We like doing this first thing in the morning because the van we drive is warm inside and it is really cold outside. We didn’t find a lot of limbs so when we finished our trailer was only about half full.
Our next project was cleaning the two large flowerbeds on the north side of the Visitor’s Center. We’ve cleaned these same two flowerbeds many times before. As the frost kills another group of plants we go in and pull them out and leave the rest of the plants that still look OK. Well, this will be the last cleaning of this flowerbed. There is nothing left to die and clean up later.
Our final stop was at the FLC (Family Living Center). Almost all of the shrubs and bushes were ripped out yesterday so today we did some straightening up, clean up, and picking up so the FLC didn’t look all disheveled and a mess. We didn’t finish so I’m sure we’ll be back on Monday. There is a lot to do to make the grounds around the FLC presentable until we replant in the spring.
This afternoon we did our weekly grocery shopping a day early. We wanted to get a jump on weekend chores because tomorrow is going to be very busy for Sis. Johnson and I. On our way to Keokuk, Iowa we drove the river road again. This time of year it is a pleasure to see all of the Bald Eagle in the trees, on the ice and flying overhead. Today we were excited to see a Bald Eagle soaring close to the water, then suddenly he swooped down and snatched a fish out of the river right in front of us. What a sight, it was amazing to see the Bald Eagle fly away with a big fish in its talons.
We were driving when the Eagle caught the fish. By the time I got the car stopped and had my camera out, turned on and in focus the Eagle was too far away to catch a picture of him. Oh well, maybe next time.

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